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based in Berlin
born 83 in the swabian woods


Ulrike Buck’s artistic practice derives from an anthropological interest in technology as a means of human expression. What roles do certain crafts play in the habits and rituals of different traditions? What does this influence physical perception and gender politics? How our relationship to nature and the environment?

Ulrike Buck analyzes these questions through technical, formal, scientific and emotional experiments, where she unconventionally combines traditional methods and melts perspectives from usually separated realms. She creates surrealistic environments, that are equally inhabited by sculptures and people. Emphasizing the symbolic level of materials and practical objects, her objects ask to be used (or seen) in transformative and subversive ways. Her objects, made from raw materials like wood, metal, glass or ceramic evoke visionary lifestyles from different epochs. One could see echoes of medieval (heretical) village com­munities, the Bauhaus or of New Age architecture. It is a tireless attempt to penetrate the fragmentation of modernity, the divisions between art, craft and science, production and research through pre-linguistic practices and finally integrate the decentralized fluidity of our `digitalized` perception with the material world.

In her studio, in Berlin and occasionally at Residencies, Ulrike Buck runs the sporadic project space Work Life Balance Laboratory. In 2019 she was a scholarship holder of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg and resident artist of the YTRE Rehabidency in Rendalen, Norway. She is also a member of the Berlin improvisation dance group Moving, Talking, Listening under the direction of Jeremiah Day. She holds a diploma in fine arts and sculpture from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.



Soloshows and Soloprojects

Each a Host to the Other, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart 2019
Bauhaus Octopus X, Triumph Gallery Moscow 2017
Work in Suspension, Cité Internationale des Arts Paris 2015
Power Garden for the Institution, Ich/I, Künsterhaus Stuttgart 2013
Fractal Dynamics, Bikini Wax, Mexico City 2013
Maison Ménades, Bucareli Act Mexico City 2013
The Link, Artary Galerie Stuttgart 2012
Archipel, Mulhouse Biennale 2012
Ignorant Of Your Secret Destiny, Artary Stuttgart 2011


Swamp Horses, Spirit Vessel, Espinavessa, Catalunia 2019
San Marino Health Lab, Dread Lounge, Los Angeles 2019
In zwei oder dreihundert Jahren.., Espáce Nalon Esslingen 2019
Unfinished Tales, Kreuzberg Pavillion Berlin 2018
Innere Armut, Pohlen, Berlin 2018
Von Zeit zu Zeit, Galerie im Helferhaus Backnang 2018
When a wave rolls out and has not yet broken, Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart 2017
Endangered Species, TAUT Stuttgart/Corner College Zürich 2016
Merlin, SORT, Vienna 2016
Harvesting the Supernatural, Hotel Amazonas, Bolzano 2016
Black Core Reborn, Ying Colloseum, Berlin 2016
Ein Knie kommt selten allein, Palermo Galerie Stuttgart 2015
Wir Kinder aus Asbest, curated by Lia Rochas-Paris, Cité des Arts Paris 2015
One Bite curated by No Space at Other Projects, Berlin 2014
Nature of (the) Material, curated by Misal Adnan Yildiz, Polistar Istanbul 2014
Strange Teaching curated by Rainer Ganahl, Kaufhaus Held Leipzig 2014
Millionärsbanquett curated by Rachel de Joode, Social Muscles Club Berlin 2014
Mixtape Group Exhibition curated by pcnc_bay , Ve.Sch Wien 2014
Gaybar @ Crossing Media, Villa Merkel, Esslingen 2013
Dancing Circles, No Space, Mexico City 2013
Gaybar, Hotel Charleroi, Charleroi 2012
Para Soirée, Asociación Libre Mexico City 2012
Exorcism, Window Gallery, Media Lab, MIT Boston 2011
Das vertraute Unvertraute Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart 2010
Until You Don´t Like It Any More, Forgotten Bar, Galerie im Regierungsviertel
Berlin 2010
Don´t Waste Energy - Use Your Legs, Deuxpiece, Basel 2009
Übermorgenkünstler, Kunstverein Heidelberg 2009


2019 OFluxo.net, Art Viewer, Parnass Magazin Vienna
2018 Ginger #14 Fall issue, NYC
2018 Kunsthåndverk, Fall issue 2018, Oslo
2017 Cuba Paris, Zeitschrift für Junge Kunst, Berlin
2015 Jungle Juice #1, Supernova Editions Paris