My diploma show was taking place at Gustav Siegle Haus in Stuttgart. I discovered that it was founded by Siegle´s son-in-law, the reknown Parapsychologist Albert von Schrenck Notzing in 1918. Siegle´s daughter had been the richest girl in the country at the time.
Notzing studied Hypnosis side by side with Sigmund Freud in Nancy/France. He became the first Psychoanalist in southern Germany. Thomas Mann was one of his patients, seeking cure from his bisexuality. Later he dedicated all his research and publication work to Parapsychology which he considered a science of the future. His books about telekinesis, teleplastie, hypnosis, mediums etc. became famous all over europe, specially for his photographic experiments with the phenomena of ectoplasma materialisations. I found his original publications from the 1910-20ies in the Württemberg State Library and took them as inspiration source for my installation at the Siegle Haus.







threedimensional apropriation of floorplans and schematic drawings by Albert Schrenk von Notzing.
Gustav Siegle Haus Stuttgart 2010



tree cuts with a scull appearing in black light, approx. 80x20x230 cm


exhibition view, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart 2011