Ulrike Buck


each a host to the other

a dinner and setting by Ulrike Buck, 2nd of March 2019

The studio floor of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart turned into a peculiar "restaurant", hosting a dinner after the opening of Henrik Potters show in the same house. Ceramic lamps, pottery and paintings all made by Ulrike in her residency at Künstlerhaus. A vegetable and miso broth is cooked collectively. The table is filled with bowls that contain different asian and swabian soup fillings like: Flädle, Griesklössle, rice noodles, tofu, algae, Backerbsen, various greens and herbs.. The circulation of the ingedients among people on the table is an instant communication starter. The fiest remains largely undocumented.

Ulrike Buck

Each a host to the other, Setting, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart


Ulrike Buck


Ulrike Buck

Tomato, oil on linen, 2019


Three Farmer Plates: Brain, Heart, Pain. High fired ceramic 2019




Heart, high fired glazed ceramic plate, 2019



Spill (restaurant decoration), oil on linen, ceramic, found wood appliances, 2019



Spill (restaurant decoration detail)


Drip (restaurant decoration), oil on linen, ceramic, hand bent and color coated steel hooks, 2019


Drip (restaurant decoration detail), oil on linen, ceramic, hand bent and color coated steel hooks, 2019


Ulrike Buck

At the dinner: Ceramic hand, mushrooms and greens


At the dinner


Guests: Romy Range, NN, Abel Auer



Ladle and bones, high fired glazed ceramic, 2019


Schöpfer (german double meaning: creator/ ladle), high fired and glazed ceramic, 2019