Die Geschichte vom schwäbischen Pflasterstein...
The story of the "swabian paving stone"...

Police defended their overly extreme brutality against people in the Stuttgart 21 demonstrations by accusing the demonstrators of
throwing paving stones.But nobody had seen any flying stones, no photo or video showed any of that. It came out that the only flying
objects had been a few chestnuts that had been blewn from the trees by water canons. A german newspaper titled an image of a chestnut
and called it: "Der schwäbische Pflasterstein" (The swabian paving stone). Thus the chestnut had become a symbol for ruthless police brutality
and a lying right wing government in south germany.

There is a coincidental punchline, a bit long to tell here, but it turned out, that - after a triple car swap - I transported my critical monument
in the very own Volkswagen cabriolet of a active member of exactly that government. . The shiny object made its way from my studio to the
display in the train station on top of the blue cabriolet with its CDU sticker on the back.

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Der schwäbische Pflasterstein
Styrofoam, Acrystal, Polyester, Enamel, approx. 110x90x80 cm