BauhausOctopusX @ Triumph Gallery Moscow 17 Sort Vienna 16

I found a broomstick and a flying saucer and you should take of your shoes
before you enter the hammock
Paris 15

studio 2051 Cité des Arts Paris 15

Baking Benglis Berlin 14

Hotel Palenque Again Palenque 12

In The Hanging Garden @ Künstlerhaus Stuttgart 13
studies on high life Polistar Istanbul

fractal dimensions bikini wax mexico city 13

maisón menades bucareli act mexico city 13

THE LINK solo at artary stuttgart 12

Thinking mexico city 12

ignorant of your secret destiny everything about you interests me artary 11

der schwäbische pflasterstein /STUTTGART 21 CHESTNUT MONUMENT

Parabolic Devices Villa Floreal Cadegliano #sculpture #furniture

we will survive #neon

mastercard future of transactions laboratory,
MIT media lab, boston 2011

Materialisationserscheinungen (Ectoplasma) Diploma show 2010


gaybar villa merkel esslingen gaybar charleroi gaybar arbeitstitel gaybar

other bodies no space at other projects berlin 2014

para soire salon verde casa b zetina mexico city 2012

studies on high life (the) Nature of (the) Material, Polistar istanbul 2014

dancing circles no space mexico city 2013

materialisationserscheinungen württembergischer kunstverein stuttgart 2010

gone to croatan vondelbonker amsterdam 2012










Hotel Palenque Again @ Jungle Juice, Supernova Editions Paris











































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